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1 Day History - Last updated at 21:30 on 19/11/17
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Monthly Highs/Lows History Graphs for Clanfield , Hampshire UK
High Temperature

Low Temperature
15.4 C

1.2 C

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High Humidity

Low Humidity
98 %

64 %
High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint
11.7 C

-1.1 C
High Wind Speed 38.0 mph
High Barometer

Low Barometer
1029.7 mb

1001.2 mb
Rain Total 25.8 mm
High Rain Rate 11.6 mm/hr
Low Wind Chill -5.0 C
High Heat Index 15.0 C
Yearly Highs/Lows
High Temperature

Low Temperature
33.2 C

-2.1 C
High Humidity

Low Humidity
100 %

30 %
High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint
21.7 C

-7.8 C
High Wind Speed 60.0 mph
High Barometer

Low Barometer
1038.1 mb

983.5 mb
Rain Total 933.4 mm
High Rain Rate 1645.8 mm/hr
High Heat Index 36.7 C
Low Wind Chill -7.2 C


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